We are Pastaria

Pastaria was founded in 2012 on Ahuza street in Ra’anana, with a mission of providing consistently delicious and affordable food, in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere

The people who make the mission POSSIBLE and ensure the consistent high quality of the food and service are a three person strong pyramid made up of the founder and owner, Hilton Block, Chef Amit Cohen, and Restaurant manager Reuven Di Porto.

Combining work ethic, with professional skills and integrity, the team works all the time to ensure that whichever dining option you choose, you choose a winner!

The people who make it possible

Hilton Block

Founder and Owner

Hilton is the founder and owner of Pastaria. He has more than 30 years of experience running his own businesses in the food industry.
From a young age Hilton had a passion for food, people and innovation. He started working from a young age in restaurants in South Africa and at age 21 moved to Australia. Shortly after arriving Hilton opened the highly successful ‘’Pasta Pantry’’, an innovative Italian Ready Foods concept which grew to 4 stores under Hiltons ownership.

Focused on customer service, quality and value for money. Pastaria has become an icon in the Ra’anana community.
Now with the Covid-19 pandemic, Hilton’s dream to recreate his concept of ready home meals is more relevant than ever. He believes that it is possible to provide quality restaurant meals ready to be warmed at home, at affordable prices.
Hilton believes that the success of any restaurant is dependent on the dedication of its staff, and the true understanding of the wellbeing of its customers.

Amit Cohen


“.. What do you connect to? What is your passion? ? There are questions I was always asked and the answer was always clear to me. The kitchen.
After realizing this was my true passion, I went on to study at the Tadmor school of cooking. After years of experience, I tried my hand at baking and that’s when I met Hilton Shortly after Pastaria opened and my journey began.
Whilst working at Pastaria I had the opportunity to gain more experience, working with chefs such as Yonathan Roshfeld.
In our kitchen at Pastaria we use the best quality and authentic products whenever possible and my aim is to ensure that my passion is expressed through my cooking, and to engage my staff with the same passion. Pastaria provides a family atmosphere and a personal service that you’ll not find anywhere else, because for us every customer is a world of his own…”

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